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The increasingly fierce business competition, of course, encourages business people to create powerful strategies to beat other competitors. Like what Shopee did through the affiliate program Shopee.co.id.

Yes, the Shopee affiliate program is currently busy among internet marketers who are active in the marketplace . Affiliate marketing itself is a commission-based digital marketing method.

This marketing program can help you earn additional income by becoming a content creator who offers various products on social media. Next, insert an affiliate link in your content that can lead viewers to make purchases through that link.

For those of you who are interested in joining the Shopee.co.id Affiliate program, let’s see the complete procedure below.

Shopee Affiliate Program Registration Mechanism
Even though it’s still relatively new, this shopee affiliate program is a very promising business. It’s just that, to join the program you must register and fulfill several conditions.


First, please log in using your Shopee account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register by pressing the Register button. Then enter the name and active phone number.
After that, click the Login now button.
If you have successfully entered, please open affiliate.shopee.co.id.
Then carry out the Shopee affiliate registration process by completing all the forms provided correctly.

When the form is completely filled out, please click button D
Wait until the data that has been registered is validated by the S affiliate. For confirmation, an email will be sent to the registrant.

After the data is verified, please select the product you want to promote. Don’t forget to choose products from Star, Star+ and Shopee Mall characters
Then, get a custom product link that can be used for marketing.
Then, share the custom link via social media.

Finally, receive commission payments for each sale shared through the custom link.

The amount of commission you can receive really depends on the number of sales made, as well as the percentage of commission that has been set at the beginning.

Benefits of Joining the Program
Affiliate marketing is already known as a marketing method that provides many benefits, both from the affiliates themselves, companies and consumers. Of course, the Shopee affiliate program can also provide many benefits, such as:

Have freedom in choosing and offering products as content.
Have the opportunity to join as an affiliate even though social media followers are very minimal.
Free to be creative on social media services even if not accompanied by a binding exclusive contract.
The process is very easy and simple which is enough to share a custom link to start earning commissions.
The commission earned is calculated from the price of products sold through Shopee Mall and Start.
Transparent according to performance, on payment of purchase amounts and custom links.
Can get products and various Shopee discount vouchers.

You can try your luck by joining the Shopee.co.id affiliate program. Yes, this program can be used as an online business opportunity to earn additional income which is very profitable.

In addition, the way it works is relatively easy to run. It’s just that, you have to be able to lead consumers to go through purchases through the link that you share.

In this case, you can take advantage of various platforms at once, starting from social media, blogs and so on. Make sure the content you upload has high engagement .

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