Application Turns Photos Into Coolest Cartoon Images

Currently there is an application to convert photos into cartoon images, this is a solution for those who want to turn their photos into a cartoon image. Taking photos is an activity that cannot be separated from Android users today. With Android device cameras that are increasingly sophisticated, photography activities can also be done wherever and whenever we want.

Apart from taking pictures, the photos taken are also uploaded to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram and others. Some of these social networks have even offered special filters to make the photos we take even more interesting.

Talking about filters, nowadays there are lots of photo editing applications that provide various kinds of effects or filters to beautify the photos we take. Call it fisheye, sephia, cartoonish, which will make our photos look old school but artistic.

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One of the most popular photo effects today is the cartoon effect. With this effect, the person in the photo will become a cartoon character and very funny. Sometimes they look like Japanese cartoons and sometimes they look like monsters.


The first application is PicsArt. PicsArt – Photo Studio is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the Android operating system. This app has many tools to make your photos more attractive, such as frames, filters, text, stickers, crop, rotate and more.

This PicsArt app also has filters that can make you look like a cartoon character, be it a pencil caricature or a comic book character. Cartoon characters can be made more attractive by adding vintage effects, lomo and others. You can directly download this application from Play Store.

Pencil Sketch

The second application is Pencil Sketch – Dumpling Sandwich Software Inc. It is an application that will make the user feel like an artist in an instant. This Pencil Sketch will turn any portrait into a photo masterpiece as if it was drawn in pencil and looks like a cartoon. The method is also very simple, just select a photo from the gallery or take a new photo using your smartphone’s camera. This app will turn it into a sketch quickly. Now you don’t have to bother installing and learning Photoshop.

You are also given the freedom to choose the type of sketch that can be made, such as Doodle mode which makes images look like cartoons, Comic mode which can create comic book style images, etc. If the results are not good, you can also make adjustments to increase the saturation or sharpness of the image.

So there are several applications that turn photos into cartoon images on Android and iOS that you can use. Of the various applications above, which one do you like the most? Both of these applications can be said to be complete for photo editing. Editing photos and then sharing them on social media is fun and can make the uploaded photos look cooler.

Contributor: M. Afzal

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