Best iPhone Theme App for Android

The presence of an iPhone theme application for Android is good news for smartphone users. The reason is, this platform makes some people who want to feel the sensation of using Apple products come true. Because of this, the developer made an iPhone theme application so that Android users could feel it.

  • iPhone Phone X Launcher Android Theme

Phone X Launcher is an iPhone theme app for Android developed by well-known developer SaScorp App Studio. This platform offers several interesting features, such as views, navigation, and others that can help increase productivity.

The presence of the iPhone X Launcher is equipped with smart functions ranging from navigation to accessing unique and interesting menus. By using this application, it will automatically change your Android phone into many iPhone-like views/themes. There are various kinds of themes provided for you.

  • CM Launcher 3D Theme 5.0 iPhone Android

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This platform is suitable for those of you who want to change the appearance of your Android phone to an iPhone and also provide a wide selection of 3D and 2D wallpapers with approximately 10,000 attractive themes. And you can also determine the type of icon that will be used to decorate the theme of your Android phone. Using Android iPhone Launcher, you can customize or change the look as you like. This app provides 3D animations that make your phone attractive and interactive. With its many advanced features, the interface of this platform is kept simple.

  • X Launcher Lite

With stylish themes and wallpapers, OS12 X Launcher Lite comes as an iPhone theme app for Android. It has a relatively small size of around 8 MB, so it doesn’t take up all of your storage space. Also, there are no specific specifications of the phone to use, any type can be entered without any restrictions. Using X Launcher Lite, you can change the appearance of Android to iPhone from menus, navigation, icons. In addition, this platform combines iPhone and Android designs, so it has a very interactive interface.

  • Phone X Launcher and Phone 8

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The Phone X Launcher and Phone 8 applications are ready to beautify the appearance of your cellphone and have many advanced features that can make Android like an iPhone. Starting from the main menu, icons, wallpapers for navigation to the Android user interface. This iphone theme app is free and provides lock screen feature with easy access to your android phone. Both Phone X Launcher and Phone 8 allow users to customize the screen layout as they wish. You can also change the icons and themes provided by the platform.

  • Control Center iOS 13

This application has one advantage over the others, namely changing the appearance of the control center section. The simplicity of the interface doesn’t detract from its attractive features, such as a large selection of wallpapers, various themes, and more. If you want to change the look of your Android without any difference then this app is right for you. In fact, even though iOS 13’s Control Center is free, it offers a few special features to make it look that way. Apple cell phone.

  • Apex Launcher

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This iPhone Apex Launcher theme is the most used on iOS and Android phones, so we have included it in our list of recommendations to try.

This app is developed by Android Team and it has lots of interesting features as compared to your usual Android themes. You can directly download Apex Launcher from Playstore by searching for “Apex launcher” in the Playstore search menu and then installing it directly.

Contributor: M. Afzal

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