How to Restore Archived Instagram Posts

Markautoe.xyz – The archive feature on Instagram is intended to save or hide posts from the profile homepage. This method is often used so that the content can be removed without being deleted. Even so, many don’t know how to restore archived Instagram posts.

Unlike the delete feature, Instagram posts function by hiding and users can restore the upload at any time. That way, memories for old content will not be lost and can be seen again.

In addition, this feature has been around for a long time, launched in 2017 to be precise. So, this feature is familiar among Instagram users and is very often used because of its benefits.

This feature is very popular, especially for those who have a lot of content and want to make their Instagram feed neater. Some users also use this feature to hide old content that was branded as a joke in the past.

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As we explained at the beginning of this discussion, there are still many Instagram users who know about this feature. In fact, this step is really needed so that old content that is still interesting can enter the Instagram feed. Here is the full description.

  • The first thing to do is enter your own Instagram account profile page.
  • After that, on that page you will find a menu with a three line icon in the upper right corner. Then, click on that menu.
  • Next, you will see a variety of different menus. There you just click on the archive menu with the clock icon with the arrow turning counterclockwise.
  • When you have entered the archive menu, of course you will not immediately enter the post archive. Therefore, you have to click on the Story Archive in the top center of the screen. There you can immediately click on the Post Archive.
  • After that, you will find various archived Instagram posts.
  • Before using this feature, make sure to first look for which content you want to return first or which will be displayed again later.
  • Then, tap the photo you want to restore, and tap in the upper right corner of the photo menu with the three dot icon.
  • There you will find various menus. The way to restore archived Instagram posts is to click Show on Profile.
  • After that, archived Instagram posts can be seen in your feed.

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The method above can help you restore archived Instagram posts. The photo can also be seen by other Instagram users. Unless your account is private, the content can only be seen by those who have followed you.

Even though the content can already appear on your Instagram feed. However, the content will not appear with a new post status. The content will still appear in the actual time sequence when it was first uploaded.

Not only that, the number of comments, likes, etc. will not disappear and will still be clearly visible. And, what is clear is that the features provided by Instagram are free and unpaid. You can still use it as much as possible, anytime, anywhere.

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So, there are several ways to restore archived Instagram posts. That way, you don’t have to delete content to tidy up your Instagram feed. You can still save old memories to look at at any time. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Contributor: M. Afzal

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