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Electricity Token Generating Application – The use of electricity is something that we often encounter in our daily lives. This is explained in a book entitled Triangle Economic Theory: Fundamental Economic Theory written by Muhammad Arfah Rahman (2016:47).

The book explains that with the development of time and technology, electricity is consumed by almost all people in the world and is the most important need at this time. Almost every object in this world uses electricity as a source of energy. Therefore, do not be surprised if the need for electricity is one of the basic needs of every community.

In Indonesia, electricity needs can be met by buying electricity tokens at official outlets that offer electricity token sales. What are electricity tokens? The meaning of electricity tokens is explained in detail on the official PT PLN (Persero) website at the https://web.pln.co.id link accessed on January 12, 2022.

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It was explained that tokens or electricity pulses are 20-digit numbers that are entered when charging electricity at the prepaid meter. Electricity token payments can be made at various official outlets that sell electricity tokens. Apart from that, it turns out that buying electricity tokens can also be done at a bank via bank SMS. The book entitled Banks & Other Modern Financial Institutions by Syafril, SE, MM (2020: 116) explains that SMS banking can be used to pay various kinds of bills, including purchasing credit vouchers, paying credit card bills and even paying electricity tokens.

In this discussion, we will discuss the electricity token generator application. Cashpop itself is a free e-currency application where all users who open the application receive Cashpop points without performing certain functions, but by making payment transactions. Because it is an application that can be accessed by the Cashpop program. This means that you can record the activities of all Android users.

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Cashpop, the Best Electricity Token Generating Application

Cashpop is very much like a survey app, so we have surveys and points sweepstakes that anyone can take, and Cashpop also says that opening a game on Facebook opens the default program. Everything is open. These points are accumulated by our mobile application and we can use them for various rewards such as credits, coins, vouchers coupons, electricity tokens and game credit links.

First download the app, your friends go to Play Store, check the box and tell you where cashpop is, or your friends can click here.

Second, after meeting a friend, you can download the app and install it on your friend’s phone. Third, open the Facebook application with your friend and click “Register” to register a new friend. Fourth, get a member registration bonus, enter a password in the nuyulduit2020 member area, follow the password after member registration, members will get IDR 10,000 gold for free. Fifth, for settings to launch the program, launch it from Cashpop settings.

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Contributor: M. Afzal

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