The Best Video Stabilizer App

It is undeniable that one of the drawbacks of recording video using a mobile phone or mobile phone is the resulting shaky image. Where, a gimbal or monopod camera is an option to avoid shaky images. However, if it is done with surprising results, even though there are interesting moments, then there is an easy solution, namely by using a video stabilizer application.

Especially for those of you who are creating content to share on YouTube channels and various social networks. Where, this video stabilizer application can help with this problem by downloading and installing it via the Android phone that you are using.

GoPro Quik

The recommended video stabilization app for Android is GoPro Quik. Where, this application allows users to make videos more stable besides adding various visual and audio effects to videos. With just a few taps of access to GoPro Quik, you can make your videos even better. There’s also an automated Info process with cinematic-style results. Plus, you can sync your edits with music, making sharing and viewing even more interesting.

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Google Photo

Then there’s Google Photos, which is the next choice of video stabilizer app to use. Where, this application allows you to share and save photos for free to use as a video stabilizer for Android. Unstable or shaky video results can be quickly fixed with this app. Apart from that, this app can also be used on you to customize videos. Thus, users can easily remove the audio from the desired videos. Therefore, it can be said that Google Photos is a video application that is quite strong in video duration that lasts a long time.


Then there is KineMaster, the most widely used video stabilizer application, especially by YouTubers to increase results. This application is able to produce videos easily and comfortably. Where, there are many search tools in it with professional style.

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Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, used in search of hyper-lapse videos and standard videos. Where, this video stabilizer application allows users to increase video speed by converting standard videos into hyper-lapse videos. Apart from that, this video stabilizer app provides speed to see numbered video input speed in it. Simply put, this video stabilizer app is a great option to use on timelapse videos to share on social media.


The next stabilizer application recommendation is PowerDirector. Where, this application has many options for making films, from beginning to end, via an Android phone or tablet. Some of the things this video stabilizer app can do include adjusting speed, controlling keyframes for transparency and positioning needs, animated text and titles, video stabilization. Apart from that, users can also create amazing effects using filters, overlays, and blending modes. Together with a green screen chroma key editor to change the background. PowerDirector offers many options for more complex tools, but you will need to subscribe to a premium plan.

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Contributor: M. Afzal

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